Brussels on draught

Brussels on draught

In Belgium, the word " café " has two meanings: coffee, the drink you enjoy in the morning, at home or at the office, or the establishment where you order one, known as a... café. Although belgians are coffee drinkers, their cafés are known first And foremost for serving draught beer and, in a return to their roots and authenticity, traditional beers. belgians love their beer, drinking 100 litres of the beverage a year. To see the variety and wealth of this heritage, go to a specialist café and ask the café proprietor to advise you. soak up the cheerful atmosphere of a café on the Grand-place and share the enjoyment of this sociable drink.


  • Museums and Breweries

  • The Gueuze museum - cantillon brewery

    Come and discover a brewing tradition that’s unrivalled anywhere in the world, a Lambic brewery from 1900 still working, run by a family of master brewers who are proud of its traditions and products.

    Mainly period equipment, casks of Lambic, Kriek and Framboises, small cellars where bottles of Gueuze, Kriek and Lambic Grand Cru patiently await their debut at the tables of appreciative consumers, brewing vats and boiling kettles made of copper, a granary and a large cooling tank with Brussels air flowing over it, filtering and bottling equipment, all will be revealed during your visit!

    It will take place in the surroundings of one of the very last old-style breweries, in a setting unchanged for more than a century. You’ll have the very special opportunity to spend a while among the delicious smells of Lambic evaporating from the casks in which the Lambics mature for three long years.

    The Van Roy - Cantillon family will give you a warm welcome and explain the mysteries behind the production of traditional Lambic.

    Mon > Sat 10:00 > 17:00, except Wednesday

    Rue Gheude 56 - 1070 Brussels
    Tél. : +32 (0)2 521 49 28

  • Schaerbeek beer museum

    In 1993, 11 enthusiastic volunteers set up the A.S.B.L. (non-profit association) of the Schaerbeek Beer Museum and became its administrators. The local authorities of Schaerbeek allowed them to use the old, disused technical section of the school on rue de la Ruche. One founding member loaned his collection of around 300 bottles of Belgian beers to the museum. This was the starting point for the museum’s collection and, from then on, the search began among breweries, second-hand dealers and private individuals for machinery, tools, documents, advertising objects, bottles, glasses, etc.

    On 26th March 1994, the museum was officially opened and ‘la Schaerbeekoise’ beer was presented to the public. Today, the museum has a collection of more than 1000 bottles of Belgian beers, many of them accompanied by the corresponding glass for serving them in. Old machinery which was used to make the beer, coopers’ tools, signs, trays, various advertising objects, old documents and more, from breweries still in existence and those that have since vanished.

    Avenue Louis Bertrand 33-35 - 1030 Schaerbeek
    Tél. : +32 (0)2 241 56 27

  • Brasserie de la Senne

    The beers of the Senne brewery are produced by two young brewers from Brussels, Yvan De Baets and Bernard Leboucq, who are, first and foremost, two beer fanatics. They operate in a small artisan brewery and make it a point of honour to produce traditional beers, unfiltered, unpasteurised and free from any additives, using only first-class natural raw materials. With their complex flavour and distinctive personality, these beers are full of character. Their bitterness appeals to beer-lovers. They re-ferment in the bottle or cask, which means their flavour is allowed to evolve and develop. The names of their beers evoke their immoderate love for Brussels: Zinnebir, Brusseleir, Stouterik, Season Meyboom, Brussels Calling; their offbeat vision of Belgium is never far away, with Taras Boulba and Jambe-de-Bois. 

    We can take visits for groups of at least 15 people, by appointment only.

    Chaussée de Gand 565 - 1080 Brussels
    +32 (0)2 465 07 51

  • Brussels Beer Project

    This young Brussels company offers atypical beers created in participation with a community of passionate beer lovers. Professional brewers from around the world are also welcome in Brussels to create new flavours. The all stars are : Delta, Saison IPA – a tropical view on Brussels; Dark Sister, Black IPA - maleficent sister of the Delta; Grosse Bertha, Belgian Hefeweizen - a Weizenbeer for adults and the Babylone, Bread Bitter - the first beer brewed with recycled bread.


    Thu, Fri and Sat 14:00 > 22:00

    Rue Antoine Dansaert 188 - 1000 Brussels

  • En Stoemelings

    Nestled in the Marolles the brewery En Stoemelings brews a couple of beers 100% craft and local: the Curieuse Neus is a soft, well-balanced beer crafted in compliance with our brewing traditions, the Cuvee Houdini is not exactly a classic dark beer, light and caramel with a fine touch of orange. Their third beer is the Geele Tram a refreshing beer with a light malt flavour and a hint of lemon. In short, a thirst-quenching beer for during spring. Only 600 bottles are produced per week! To discover!


    Tue > Sat 11:00 > 18:00

    Rue du miroir 1 - 1000 Brussels
    Tel. : +32 (0)489 49 59 24

  • No Science

    Maxime Dumay and Manuel Mengoni started together No Science, a Brussels micro-brewery that produces beers with character. The brewery is located in Green Bizz Brussels and the beers are sold at specialized shops in the capital. Production (from 250 to 500 litres per year) has several crus, low in alcohol and sugars but rich in flavour. The basic products are natural and traditional, mainly derived from aromatic hops. The beers they propose are: Noisy pale ale, blonde/amber, very aromatic; the Heavy Porter, a dark English type, bitter and malted; the Artic William, copper coloured with delicate fruit flavour and foam; and the Pyscho Cascoe, a summer beer, very light and aromatic.


  • Belgian brewers’ museum

    In the Museum of ‘Belgian Brewers’, you’ll find the rich tradition of Belgian beer. There, visitors can see all the utensils, the brewing and fermentation vats, the cauldrons and all the brewing equipment used in the 18th century. In the quaint ‘estaminet’ (small, old-style café-bar), memories from long ago are recalled: old tankards, antique porcelain and typical objects filling a period inn testify to what can undoubtedly be described as the “Belgian culture of beer”.

    Grand-Place 10 - 1000 Brussels
    Tél. : + 32 (0)2 511 49 87

  • Beerstorming

    Beerstorming is your invitation to imagine, elaborate and brew your own beer. It is a place where ideas, opinions and desires on new brewing projects are exchanged. Under the guidance of an expert brewer, you will be introduced to the more intricate details of brewing in order to create your own unique beer. Each trimester, the 5 recipes with the most votes are submitted to a jury, that will elect the beer that will be mass produced for sold on the market.

    Chaussée d’Alsemberg 75 - 1060 Brussels
    Wed > Fri 13:00 > 18:00, Sat 14:00 > 20:00
    Tel.: +32 (0)472 89 74 01

  • Experience Beer!

    Brussels never misses an opportunity to honour beer !

    Cantillon: public brew

    Twice a year
    From 6.30 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, the master-brewer, his family and friends invite you to the big traditional brewing day. They welcome you along to experience the different stages in the traditional production of Lambic and Gueuze.

    On the programme:

    • from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Brewing process 
    • from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Filtration and adding the hops
    • from 12 noon to 3 p.m. Boiling the wort 
    • around 3.30 p.m. Pumping the wort into the cooling vat 
    • from 7 a.m. to 12 noon Cleaning the old-style casks

    Guided tour every 1/2 hour from 7 a.m. onwards

    Belgian beer weekend

    02/09 > 04/09/2016
    Each year Brussels celebrates beer on the Grand-Place during an entire weekend. Many small, medium-sized and large Belgian breweries will present to you their best selections of beers. Entrance is free and beer prices are very democratic!

    1000 Brussels

    Brussels beer challenge

    The aim of the Brussels Beer Challenge is to promote the beer sector in a core market and a market of connoisseurs. International experts will come together to give their objective, impartial and professional opinion on the beers entered in the competition. During the tasting, all the beers will be divided into homogeneous categories based on their origin, typicity and style.

    The beers awarded prizes at the Brussels Beer Challenge will benefit from international media coverage and recognition. These distinctions will be a powerful marketing tool and open up new prospects for development.

    After Liège (2013), Leuven (2014) and Antwerpen (2015) the Brussels Beer Challenge will take place in Brussels again.
    More information:

    Brewspot : learn how to brew your own beer

    Brewspot offers four different courses to the participants : the Discovery Course is a brewing course for beginners (1 day), the BrewMaster Course is for more advanced homebrewers (2 days), the Team-Building Sessions allow you to brew a beer with your company during a challenging business game and finally BrewSpot also offers Beer-Tasting Evenings where the objective is to learn how beer is made by tasting some very specific beers illustrating the influence of each ingredient on the final taste of the beer!

    L’échappée Bière

    • Beer tasting

    Awaken your 5 senses and discover the art and the techniques of tasting beer with our host and beer expert in the heart of Brussels in one of our partner sites, or at home. By offering four very different beers in a renowned place of the capital and its 400 artisanal beers you will be introduced to the history, culture and vocabulary of this noble product as well as to the different methods of brewing.

    • Introduction to the art of brewing

    Come and create your very own beer at a learning day with our host-brewer. You will be introduced to brewing techniques and the chemical phenomena involved in the creation of beer, you can choose the type of beer you would like, and take part in its creation in a friendly atmosphere.

    You will leave with a basic knowledge of the brewing process and will be able to repeat the experience yourself at home, and you can sample the fruit of your efforts 6-8 weeks after brewing day: your beer bottled, sealed and labelled.

    Tel.: +32 (0)472 53 35 47


    Beerstorming is your invitation to imagine, elaborate an brew your own beer. It is a place where ideas, opinions and desires on new brewing projects are exchanged. Under the guidance of an expert brewer, you will be introduced to the more intricate details of brewing in order to create your own unique beer. Each trimester, the 5 recipes with the most votes are submitted to a jury, that will elect the beer that will be mass produced for sold on the market.
    T +32 (0)4 72 89 74 01
    75 Chaussée d’Alsembergsesteenweg 1060 Bruxelles
    open from 1 pm to 6 pm from Wednesday to Friday and from 2pm to 8pm on Saturday.


    La fleur en papier doré

    This literary café with its poetry-lined walls is a listed building that was once the surrealists’ local. However, this is also where you can get the ‘Het Goudblommeke in Papier’ praline, made from Belgian quality chocolate, filled with a Girardin cherry, an artisanal regional beer from the Pajottenland made from Lambic. Only available at the café itself.

    Rue des Alexiens 55
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 503 03 94

    La porte noire

    With plenty of typical beers and various live music offerings, this vaulted space with its Celtic and medieval ambience was once the kitchen of the Alexian Brothers’ monastery.

    Rue des Alexiens 67
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 511 78 37

    Moeder Lambic

    Standing in the shadow of the town hall of Saint-Gilles, a little local café yet one of the best-stocked beer bars in the country.

    Rue de Savoie 68
    1060 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 544 16 99

    Moeder Lambic Fontainas

    One of the widest ranges of draught beers in the country, a paradise for beer lovers.

    Place Fontainas 8
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 503 60 68

    Le poechenellekelder

    A ‘cellar for dolls’ the size of a pocket handkerchief but that collects lovely big old puppets.

    Rue du Chêne 5
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 511 92 62

    A l’imaige de nostre-dame

    Tucked away at the end of a secret cul-de-sac, an old-fashioned ‘estaminet’ for escaping to another age for a while.

    Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes 8
    1000 Brussels

    Au bon vieux temps

    Another ‘estaminet’ which, tucked away at the far end of a cul-de-sac, dates from the days when Brussels used to speak the old ‘Brusseleer’ dialect.

    Impasse Saint-Nicolas 4
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 217 26 26

    A la mort subite

    A quaint institution for anyone who loves authentic Belgian beers and assorted large open sandwiches.

    Rue Montagne-aux-Herbes-Potagères 7
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 513 13 18


    Quite simply, one of the widest assortments of beers in the world...

    Impasse de la Fidélité 4a
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 514 44 34

    Café theater toone

    A puppet theatre and ‘estaminet’, a monument of Brussels folklore.

    Petite rue des Bouchers 21
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 513 54 86

    A la Bécasse

    An old-fashioned ‘estaminet’ where Lambic is still served from a jug and where you can savour typical specialities of Brussels.

    Rue Tabora 11
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 511 00 06

    Beer mania

    Aptly named, both little shop and bar, where you can drink or buy some 400 dif- ferent beers from Belgium and elsewhere...

    Chaussée de Wavre 174-176
    1040 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 512 17 88


    L'Atelier has acquired a new image but has lost none of its charm. Its enormous beer list still holds pride of place on the wall and it's difficult not to find a Trappist to your liking. Because it has around 400 kinds of the delicious brew that's so much a part of Brussels and Belgium.

    Rue Elise 77
    1050 Brussels
    02/649 19 53


    A genuine Art Deco bistro beneath what was, once upon a time, a brothel.

    Rue du Finistère 1-3 – 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 219 10 28

    Le Corbeau

    Home cooking but prepared with care and giant glasses of beer appearing in a cheerfully dishevelled ambience.

    Rue Saint-Michel 18 - 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 217 05 06

    Little Delirium

    On a little thoroughfare nicknamed ‘la rue des Pittas’, a bar where you’ll find an incredible collection of gins and beers.
    Rue du Marché-aux-Fromages 7-9
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 511 95 50

    Au Vieux Spijtigen Duivel

    Based in a great big building as ancient as the hills, an old café-restaurant full of wooden benches, displaying the old sign of a ‘spitting devil’.

    Chaussée d’Alsemberg 621
    1180 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 344 34 55

    La Lunette

    Unique occasion to drink a " Lunette ", a glass of one liter that can be filled with a drink of your choice, on a beautiful terrace on place de La Monnaie.

    Place de la Monnaie 3 – 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 218 03 78


    The entertainingly retro Au Daringman bar is hidden between the fashion quarter and the canal. The prestigious English daily “The Guardian” has nominated the bar “the best belgian beer bar”.

    Rue de Flandre 7 – 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 512 43 23

    Le Laboureur

    Part old Brussels-style ‘troquet’, part trendy place to be, a stamcafé renowned for its ‘raw’ mussels.

    Rue de Flandre 108 - 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 512 13 82


    A cocktail bar with Art Deco lines, renowned for its live jazz performances and its night owls.

    Rue A. Dansaert 6 - 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 512 06 52

    Café Central

    DJ evenings, exhibitions, live music, performancesn … More than a café, a place full of life!

    Rue Borgval 14 - 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 513 73 08

    Paon Royal

    Set up on a square in the shade of large poplar trees, one of the pleasantest café terraces in the city centre.

    Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 6
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 513 08 68

    Mappa Mundo

    British pub concept revisited Belgian- style with a cosmopolitan touch… Endowed with a large terrace and studded
    with windows looking out over Halles Saint-Géry, a Tower of Babel opening out in a very friendly way.

    Rue du Pont de la Carpe 2
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 514 35 55

    Café des Halles

    Summer terrace and winter garden, a bar billeted in an old indoor market of Brussels.

    Place Saint-Géry 1 - 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 289 26 60


    More Eet than Café, this is a hamburger heaven.

    Place Rouppe 9 - 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 511 38 16

    Le Cirio

    Part tavern, part tea room, a cosy place with an old-fashioned charm.

    Rue de la Bourse 18 - 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 512 13 95

    Le Monk

    With several trappist beers on draught and the possibility to taste the Faro, a lambic based beer typical for Brussels, Monk is worth a visit.

    Rue Sainte-Catherine 42
    1000 Brussels

    Au Soleil

    Standing on the corner of Quartier Saint- Jacques, in reference to the famous route to Santiago de Compostela, a stamcafé that radiates warmth.

    Rue du Marché-au-Charbon 86
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 511 76 00


    Parties, concerts and DJ sets, that’s what’s on the menu at this music café.

    Rue des Pierres 8 - 1000 Brussels

    Chez Richard

    Meeting-place of the local antique dealers, a Parisian bistro feel with Belgian specialities to be savoured on the most characteristically Brussels-style of town squares.

    Rue des Minimes 2 - 1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 512 14 06

    La Porteuse d’Eau

    Set up in an Art Nouveau building, a tavern for an introduction to every Belgian speciality.

    Avenue Jean Volders 48a
    1060 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 537 66 46

    Brasserie Verschueren

    For its decor, it ambience at all hours and its mixed and motley crew of customers.

    Parvis de Saint-Gilles 11
    1060 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 539 40 68

    Brasserie de l’Union

    A working-class café, landmark of Union supporters, that football club that experienced its hour of glory in the thirties when, out of 60 matches in a row, it didn’t lose a single game.

    Parvis de Saint-Gilles 55 - 1060 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 538 15 79

    La Maison du Peuple

    Situated on the ground floor of the old Maison du Peuple of Saint-Gilles, a cultural eetcafé where exhibitions and live music events are held and a very nice terrace opens out onto the Parvis.

    Parvis de Saint-Gilles 39 - 1060 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 850 09 08

    Café Belga

    Standing at the foot of the former radio broadcasting house, a huge young brasserie with a self-service bar.

    Place E. Flagey 18 - 1050 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 640 35 08

    Café l’Amère à Boire

    Ixelles has a rich brewing history. The brewers left long ago but for some time now there has been L’Amère à Boire, a great name for a beer café refers to hop, the aromatic component that gives many beers their deliciously bitter taste.

    rue du Belvédère 8 - 1050 Brussels
    T +32 (0) 488 46 57 86


    Some 80-85 well-chosen beers offer a panorama of Belgian brewing.

    Rue de l’Aqueduc 63 – 1060 Brussels
    T. +32 (0) 475 56 67 05


    A craft beer revolution’s great success story.

    Putterie 20 – 1000 Brussels

    The Black Sheep

    Has an enormous selection of Belgian and International craft beers.

    Chaussée de Boondael 8 - 1050 Brussels
    T. +32 (0)2 644 38 03


    18 beers on tap and a selection of exclusive craft beers.

    Chaussée d’Alsemberg 130 – 1060 Brussels
    T. +32 (0)2 539 15 67

    Specialized Restaurants

    ’t Spinnekopke

    Sample all Belgian specialities and other preparations involving beer in a historic 18th century property.

    Place du Jardin aux Fleurs 1
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 511 86 95

    Les Brigittines

    A friendly decor and a head chef who is famed for his refined Belgo-French cuisine.

    Place de la Chapelle 5
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 512 69 57


    The beer list holds around 50 beers, including a number of Belgian gems, made by brewers who continue to brew their ales the traditional way. With the landlord himself a keen Geuze lover, this establishment serves the best Lambic beers from around the Pajottenland and Brussels.

    Rue du Lombard 25
    1000 Brussels

    Belga queen

    A contemporary brasserie housed in a former bank building constructed in the 19th century.

    Rue du Fossé aux Loups 32
    1000 Brussels
    T + 32 (0)2 217 21 87


    In the heart of the Marolles Alain Fayt runs his own cuisine that revolves en- tirely around beer dishes: Waterzooi à la Blanche, veal chop à la Rodenbach, cherry zabaglione, et cetera.

    Rue des Renards 9
    1000 Brussels
    T +32 (0)2 511 55 83

    Le biercircus

    Draught beers made by expert brewers, vintage bottles and traditional cooking with beer, a temple for hop lovers.

    Rue de l’Enseignement 57
    1000 Brussels



    The Biertempel opened in 1996, when it sold nearly 200 kinds of beer. Today, with years of success behind it, it serves more than 600 kinds of them in all sizes and made by all production methods. This shop also sells numerous related products.

    Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes 56b
    1000 Brussels
    Tél.: +32 (0)2 502 19 06

    Beer Mania

    A true place of pilgrimage for beer, Beer Mania sells more than 400 types of Belgian beer.

    Chaussée de Wavre 174-176
    1050 Brussels
    Tél. : +32 (0)2 512 17 88

    Beer Planet

    Beer Planet is offering the largest selection of Belgian beers (600) from literally every corner of Belgium.

    Rue de la Fourche 45
    1000 Brussels
    Tél.: +32 (0) 484 95 53 50

    Délices et Caprices

    At his high-quality beer shop, Swiss Pierre Zuber stocks around 300 different beers, which are available to be sampled on site.

    Rue des Bouchers 68
    1000 Brussels
    Tel.: +32 (0)2 512 14 51

    Malting Pot

    This specialist beer shop retails anywhere between 150 and 200 artisanal beers from home and abroad that are not generally found down the local supermarket.

    Rue Scarron 50
    1050 Brussels
    Tel.: + 32 (0)2 646 79 66

    250 Beers Belgian Beer Tradition

    Beer shop quite literally a stone’s throw away from the Grand Place.

    Rue au Beurre 32
    1000 Brussels

    Malt Attacks

    Malt Attacks offers a varied and original range of Belgian and foreign craft beers, in bottles or "growlers". Throughout the year , themed tastings are organized to help you discover these beers in a relaxed atmosphere.
    You are more interested in brewing yourself and you are looking for home brewing equipment or raw materials ? We certainly have what you need in store !

    Avenue Jean Volder 18
    1060 Saint-Gilles
    +32 (0)2 534 96 88

    Le Barboteur - Bièrothèque

    Le Barboteur is a craft beer shop, but also a tasting shop with special nights with guest brewers, private tasting sessions… and much more !

    Avenue Louis Bertrand 23
    1030 Schaerbeek

    Les Fleurs du Malt

    Located in the heart of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, this beer store offers not only a wide range of carefully selected Belgian beers but some foreign beers as well. You also get the chance to learn how to taste our delicious beer. Theme nights, tastings and brewing courses are regularly organized.

    Avenue du Roi Chevalier 45
    1200 Brussels
    Tel.: +32 (0)479 41 48 10