Antarctica : a new space at the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History

The "Antarctica" gallery illustrates the expeditions Belgium conducted on the white continent, in close cooperation with Defence. Through a modern and dynamic scenography the visitor travels in time : from the Belgica voyage in 1897-1898, over the King Baldwin  station in 1957-1960 up to the current Princess Elisabeth station.

The "Antarctica" gallery is a realisation by the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, in joint operation with Defence, the Belgian Polar Secretariat, BELSPO, Régie des Bâtiments/Regie der Gebouwen, the Museum of Natural Science and the de Gerlache and Lecointe families.

The "Antarctica" gallery is located in the big Hall. The exhibition opens with a presentation of Antarctica (localisation with regard to other continents, size, comparison with the size of Europe and of Belgium, lowest and highest temperatures, localisation of Belgian settlements,…).

The space then focuses on three themes :

  • The Belgica expedition (1897-1898): the first real international scientific expedition in Antarctica led by the Belgian Adrien de Gerlache.
  • The King Baldwin Base: sixty years after the Belgica hibernation Belgium decided to build a polar base in Antarctica.
  • The Princess Elisabeth Station: in 2004, The Belgian State decided to construct the first "zero emission" station on the Antarctic continent.

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