Führungen in Brüssel - das Winterprogramm

Machen Sie das Beste aus dem Winter, entdecken Sie Brüssel und die schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt!
Die historischen Stadtviertel, die weihnachtlichen Lichter, die köstliche Schokolade und die kleinen Geheimnisse der Traditionen... lassen Sie sich durch die Stadt führen!

  • Winter wonders Führungen (Donnerstag und Samstag vom 26.11. -> 31/12/2016)

  • Führung durch die Viertel Vismet und Sainte Catherine im weihnachtlichen Gewandt
    Among carousels and mulled wine stalls, set off to explore the neighbourhood of the Joys of Winter. Amidst the market’s snow-topped cabins, fragrances, lights and music, tour a district where the great historic streets of the city meet - the streets that put Brussels on the map.

    Karussels und Glühweinstände bestimmen im Dezember das Straßenbild. Lassen Sie sich



  • Sablon by night (26/11/2016)

  • The district of Sablon is getting ready for the holidays! Lights, red carpets and masses of places to find the ideal gift. The shopkeepers and antiques dealers will open their doors to share a friendly moment with you ... a delightful foretaste of Christmas in a setting full of historic charm.
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  • Delicious end-of-year traditions (04 -> 18/12/2016)

  • From Saint Catherine’s Day to Epiphany, the warm festivities come one after another to help us forget the winter cold... To rediscover the meaning of winter traditions, learn their history and decipher the symbols: the little pink marzipan pig, Black Pete on the speculaas, the Yule log... and enjoy some of the delicious treats! Join this jolly tour of Brussels decked out in its best finery ... and tasty little bites!
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  • Brussels, city of light (28/12/2016)

  • Beautiful Brussels shines at night, too! A night-time tour bright with the public lighting of the past and today: romantic street lamps and modern lighting; illuminated monuments, business premises and alleyways bring you the big event of the end-of-year celebrations.
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  • Chocolate, a taste that keeps on growing ! (31/12/2016)

  • Sweet, subtle, full-bodied or delicately potent, the whole range of chocolate delights is here for you… From cocoa pods to pralines, from extra pure raw cocoa to the most creative flavours, it’s an art you will appreciate. Neuhaus, Corné, Mary, the traditional Brussels chocolate makers and the new stars such as Marcolini, Darcis, Ledent or Gerbaud will lead you to the land of Brussels chocolate...so good that you'll be licking your fingers!
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