Pokemon GO – Brussels

Pokemon GO – Brussels

Smartphone in hand, there you are at last, ready to roam the streets of Brussels to catch them all?

Brussels has recently become the favourite hunting ground of trainers of Pikachu© and other Charmander©.

Find out about the meeting places and our tips and other good ideas to spice up your adventure:

  • Brussels park

    The top place for trainer meetings. Central and easy to get to, it is brimming with "Pokestops" and rare Pokemons.

    Respect the environment

    Since the arrival of the Pokémon Go game mid-July in Belgium, the Brussels Park knows day and night an unprecedented affluence. Every day, hundreds of trainers are looking for rare Pokémons through the alleys of the Park. Such an invasion necessarily leaves traces. Parks are public and accessible to all, including virtual trainers. visit.brussels invites all players to be vigilant and to respect the cleanliness of the park, classified as Natural Heritage of the Region.

  • Interactive card

    Vital tool for every battle-hardened trainer, this collaborative card developed by the Belgian group "The Sunday Players", is a very practical tool that lists rare pokemons as well as battle arenas and other "pokestops"

    Kard : http://lesplayersdudimanche.com/map-pokemon-go-collaborative

  • Pokemon Go Brussels communities

    A number of trainer communities have sprung up on the social networks. These abound with useful information, tips and funny stories. They also regularly organise events or other "hunts" in groups


  • Play on the "network"

    Hunt pokemon on the tram? It's certainly possible. See the STIB's tips for capturing Pokemons on the network: 

  • Nostalgia and Retro Gaming

    Has this big Pokemon comeback sparked memories of past video games in you? This Brussels shop specialised in retro consoles, "vintage" games and other goodies from the 90s will delight the dormant "geek" in you.

    Oldstar Games

    Anspachlaan 177 – 1000 Brussels