Greeters in Schaerbeek

Greeters in Schaerbeek

The Brussels Greeters, eager to offer an introduction to Brussels, share their personal favourites and their favourite addresses and neighbourhood anecdotes every day.
Discover the far corners of Brussels and the atmosphere in their local community.

  • Meet Geoffroy - An Art Nouveau and Art Deco Journey

    A great Art Nouveau and Art Deco enthusiast, Geoffroy loves to photograph the façades of Schaerbeek that he passes by regularly, such as the home of Henri Jacbos and Ecole n°1. 

    From the City Hall to the avenue Louis Bertrand, from the flower neighbourhood to the avenue Eugène Demolder, he likes to tell the whole story of urbanisation in Schaerbeek.

  • Meet Marisol – Schaerbeek is teeming with green spaces
    Marisol, a Belgian of Ecuadorian extraction, likes to share her favourite places in Schaerbeek for taking walks, such as the Parc Josaphat and the Botanical Gardens, which are full of sculptures. Along the way, she won't miss out Avenue Louis Bertrand and its beautiful houses. Once a year, she even takes a detour to the beer museum.

  • Meet Thierry- Schaerbeek through the eyes of someone from Uccle
    When Thierry walks down the streets of Schaerbeek, he looks at the details that will help him to see the development of Schaerbeek and its architectural styles, such as the houses with stained glass windows, some especially narrow houses, Art Nouveau houses, buildings dating from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, and some newcomers, too. He never forgets to pass by the town square and Avenue Louis Bertrand, just for the pleasure of seeing them.

  • Meet Paul-  Schaerbeek: its architecture, my anecdotes
    Paul, who was born in Schaerbeek, often takes a stroll down the streets of his district to check on Henri Jacob's and Joseph Diongre's houses, the community house and the Autrique house are, as he holds them dear. He likes to tell the story of Pogge, the Schaerbeek folk hero, at the "Aux Trois Rois" café on Chaussée de Haecht. He will happily try the new beers from the Barboteur biérothèque.

  • Meet Katelijne – Terminus: Schaerbeek
    Katelijne is a consummate traveller and always reminds people that, in Schaerbeek, travel is part of the service. Her favourite example is a walk from the Tram Stables to the Schaerbeek station. Proud of the cultural vitality found here, she also looks for new initiatives and perfect examples of diversity and immigration.

  • Reservations

    Brussels has about a hundred Greeters available on request who are devoting some of their spare time to help you discover the Brussels-Capital Region through their eyes. All the Greeter experiences take place under the Greeters' Charter, which we invite you to read: Greeters Charter


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