1001 danses


15/02/2022 - 15/02/2022

1001 danses 1001 danses 1001 danses 1001 danses

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1001 dances? An emotional saga. A marathon of sensations, styles, and questions. An ode to choreographic and human diversity. A living encyclopaedia where 1001 dances showcase 1001 experiences, from laughter to tears, from humour to sensitivity, from questions to the other’s taste. Exuberance. Madness. Caricature. Restriction. Intensity. Interiority. Freedom. Pleasure. Chill. And tribute. A homage to our world that is so shaken up, discarded to the point of cancelling nuances. Lebrun offers the world 1001 dances for the future, 1001 shades of us.

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