44 Windows


28/11/2019 - 02/01/2020

44 Windows

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From 28 November 2019 to 2 January 2020, the "Stadsbiografie Brussel" photographers' collective, which has been in existence for more than 11 years, will host an exceptional photographic exhibition in the authentic heritage of the Saint-Géry Halls. This time, Stadsbiografie opts for an exhibition on the 44 outside windows of the Halls.

Vibrant Brussels will be presented by urban biographers as a metropolis in all its shades: chaotic or ordered, subdued or exuberant, classic or provocative, but always fascinating and surprising. The spectrum ranges from street photography, portraits, poetry and reportage to documentary.

The first successful edition (2018) of the collective's photo book will also be on sale in Sint-Gorikshallen, as well as in GC 'De Markten' and the better or specialized bookshop.

Instagram @stadsbiografiebrussel

- vernissage Thursday 28 November at 6.30 pm au Café des Halles
- expo 7/7 - 24H/24H on the 4 walls of the Halls

The Halles Saint-Géry are close to the Bourse and the rue Dansaert

Train: Brussels Central
Metro: De Brouckère 1 et 5
Tram: Bourse 3,4 and 32

Contactperson: Katrien COLENBIE
0486/69 48 19

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