Afropean // Human Being (try-out)


14/06/2019 - 15/06/2019

Afropean // Human Being (try-out)

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Some call me Afropean
I say: Human being

A young woman heads to the big city to go to university, but the true education she receives is not in the lecture halls. It is in the buzzing slam poetry scene, where she meets artists and activists. They inspire her not only to pick up the pen, but also to take a journey into her own heritage, uncovering a history of oppression and brutality towards her people. How does she reconcile her past with her present? Her heritage with the country she now calls home? As she explores the frontier of her future, poetry becomes her vehicle to navigate her identity, write herself into existence, and transcend everyday limitations. Spoken word becomes her superpower – but at what cost?

Sukina Douglas is an internationally renowned (slam) poet, hip hop artist (Poetic Pilgrimage) and ‘accidental actress’ (Malcolm X). With Afropean // Human Being she writes her first theatre play, commissioned by KVS. In the 2018- 2019 season, auditions will be held to cast the lead actress, with the premiere of the play scheduled in autumn 2019. On June 14 and 15 you can already get a sneak peek in a first try-out.

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