Anna Ternheim


19/11/2019 - 19/11/2019

Anna Ternheim

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Acclaimed Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Ternheim returns with her new album "A Space for Lost Time", set for release in Autumn 2019. To celebrate the album release and to mark 15 years of constant touring and music releasing, Anna will be playing her biggest European tour to date this Autumn which will include dates in every major city across Europe. "This tour is inspired by the duo tour I did in the Fall of 2017 but takes the music a step further with a bigger band and a wider dynamic range,” explains Anna. "The voice will still be in focus. The new songs are the core of the show and old ones will get new arrangements.  I don’t want to say too much about this upcoming record, but be prepared for music, that is like a windless black lake. I feel more joy than ever playing live and I believe this tour will be one of the best I’ve done. I want the audience to be transported, forget about space and time and for everyone to connect, if just for a brief moment. Thats what music does to me and that’s the driving force behind what I do. I'm also really excited to bring a new band and new songs. I’m in the final stages of finishing a record that will be released around the same time. It feels like the songs are made for stage, made to be sung live. It's going to be beautiful.”

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