Anna de Manincor / ZimmerFrei (IT/BE), Almost Nothing


28/11/2018 - 28/11/2018

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Hello science! CERN is a European organization that conducts research on elementary, nuclear particles, somewhere along the border between France and Switzerland. With Almost Nothing, we descend into this fortress of brainpower and observe this place as an exceptionally sociable and human experiment. At CERN, a lively multicultural community resembles a utopian city with a total of 15,000 inhabitants.

The idea of the exact sciences brings to mind spectacular discoveries that open up whole new worlds. Think of the Higgs boson, of dark energy gravitational waves! We forget what happens in between those discoveries, namely the ongoing systematic work of a veritable army of scientists. They are a worldwide community of thousands of people, all working towards a shared goal. How do they find their own places within this unique and gigantic thinking organism? And what is it that they are actually looking for?

Almost Nothing observes the daily life of this community, in which the lives of every individual are interwoven with the joy and the pain of scientific developments. Go for it – let the scientist in you free!

ZimmerFrei is an artists’ collective in Bologna, established in 2000 by Massimo Carozzi, Anna de Manincor and Anna Rispoli. Their artistic oeuvre ranges from video, documentaries and installations to photography, performance, workshops and projects in public space. One thing they all share is the investigation of imaginary urban environments and exploration of the frontiers between public and private space.


2018, 74'


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