Art Nouveau in the Marolles


27/07/2019 - 27/07/2019

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The Marolles is a real melting-pot. Often the first port of call for new arrivals in the city, the city authorities developed an innovative approach to social housing and public health there. In the early twentieth century, two schools, a huge wine warehouse, an artist’s home and studio and an extraordinary social housing estate were built there in the Art Nouveau style. The tour also shows how these iconic Art Nouveau buildings have been renovated and re-used to reinforce the unique atmosphere of this resolutely working-class part of the city centre.

Walking tour
Lasts 2:00h

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  • Place Poelaert, sur les marches du Palais de Justice
    • Place Poelaert, sur les marches du Palais de Justice
    • 1000 Bruxelles
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    27-07-2019 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM