Atelier ReMuA/ShAkE & Brussels Philharmonic pour les familles


07/10/2018 - 07/10/2018

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Workshop designed to prepare families to listen to the concert at 14h 'Augustin Dumay’s Brahms #3'.

This workshop is dedicated to our favourite hobby: playing together! In music, there’s no point in waiting for the other person to finish their sentence before answering them. One may both play with others and play one’s own piece: it all comes down to roles and perspective. The workshop will give pointers on how to listen to the music that will be played in the Brahms concert at 2 pm. Singing, the discovery of percussion instruments, even the violin and the cello vibrating in your hands... So many ways to discover music!

Flagey, ReMuA/ShAkE

€ 3*

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