11/10/2020 - 11/10/2020

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BADI, the facetious dandy of the Belgian hip hop scene, announces the release of his new album Trouble Fête to be released in autumn 2020 under the English label BBE. Born in Brussels of Congolese parents, Badi began his musical career by exploring Belgian-Congolese history through incisive writing. An important cultural work that won him several awards. On this next two-headed album, Badi takes on, with this ease so typical of him, the role of a troublemaker thanks to his committed lyrics which he poses with phlegm on the cutting-edge and avant-garde productions of Boddhi Satva, pioneer of the "Ancestral Soul" movement. This collaboration began with Integration, Kitendi and Muasi Na Ngai, three titles hailed by international critics. In the title track heralding the album, Badi personifies the influence of the African diaspora in today's pop culture, choosing to draw inspiration from the iconic figure of Virgil Abloh, Ghanaian-American designer and artistic director of a French haute couture house. Enjoy this appetizer before savoring this future chapter that will undoubtedly disrupt the party !

In collaboration with FrancoFaune.

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