Barak Belgique


08/11/2019 - 11/11/2019

Barak Belgique

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Enter Barak Belgique, and discover the most beautiful, funniest, most moving and surprising performances for young audiences from all over Belgium! Theatre, dance, music theatre, object theatre and much more, for XS to XL. Selected by an international jury of experts and presented in three Belgian cities: Brussels, Ghent and Liège. This festive performing arts festival introduces you to established and younger companies and artists from every corner of the country.
Welcome to Barak Belgique!

An initiative of ASSITEJ Belgium.
In collaboration with BRONKS, La montagne magique, KOPERGIETERY, Les Chiroux, La Cité Miroir, het Théâtre Universitaire Royal de Liège and Minard.

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