Baxter Dury


06/10/2020 - 06/10/2020

Baxter Dury Baxter Dury Baxter Dury Baxter Dury

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Spinning wry, observant stories of life among the well-heeled but poorly behaved, Baxter Dury, the son of pub rock/new wave icon Ian Dury, is a songwriter and vocalist with a strong and distinctive style. After a tempestuous early life, he began his musical career by performing at a memorial service for his dad, then produced a series of albums beginning with 2002's Len Parrot's Memorial Lift that balanced his deadpan vocals and debauched storytelling with subtle chamber pop arrangements and a nervy modern new wave approach. By the time of 2017's Prince of Tears, some disco began to slip into his sound as he cemented his place as one of the wittiest, most biting songwriters of his era.

Other Lives

When Other Lives emerged from Oklahoma, their sweeping, cinematic arrangements and haunting, wistful melodies had an extra side effect: the uncanny ability to evoke big skies and broad horizons, as if the band’s DNA was the wide-open space of their home state’s prairies. Breaking through with their 2011 album Tamer Animals, MOJO magazine labelled Other Lives, “The next must-have pastoral American sensation”, and judging by their new album, For Their Love, Other Lives have continued to grow: it’s their most evocative, awestruck and intimate record yet, invested with a new vein of poetic thought addressing the individual and society in these turbulent times.


Judith Kiddo returns to Les Nuits 2020 for the release of her first EP, "Petit Chien" (produced by the talented Robbing Millions), after a nice series of gigs and two memorable clips! Her sweet madness, her eclectic influences, and her deeply instinctive relationship with writing feed an efficient, multi-faceted but always coherent synthpop. Focused on a sensitive voice with soul accents, her songs give way to agile guitars, retro-futuristic keyboards and beats that are sometimes electronic, sometimes organic. Judith, delivers a raw, ultra-sensitive and luminous presence on stage, surrounded by a real local all-star band!


Ample and cinematographic, Louise Verneuil's songs take us on a journey, with long travelling shots where we see this Amazon rolling "for no reason", rolling until " touching the horizon ". The path is meant to be initiatory and paved with electric guitars, lyrics soaring with violins, North African drums and sensual choirs as if in a colourful return to the British and Bohemian rock of the 70s. Between Jane Birkin and Marianne Faithfull, Patti Smith and Nico, Louise creates a filiation that evokes leather and silk, chic and doggy.

Robbing Millions is back! After the release of a critically acclaimed eponymous debut album in late 2016 and appearances on many prestigious venues (Pitchfork Paris, Pukkelpop, Dour Festival, Eurosonic, Paleo Festival,etc) Lucien Fraipont's avant-pop has known a lull. The different members of the band each went their own way and Lucien went alone to Los Angeles where he found an ideal collaborator in Shags Chamberlain, cult figure of the indie scene known for his work with Ariel Pink, Drugdealer and Mac Demarco. Between these sessions, Lucien collaborated with Aksak Maboul as a sideman and produced the first EP of the surprising Judith Kiddo that he accompanies on stage. The duo worked on the album for eighteen months during different sessions in Brussels and Los Angeles. The result is a journey of 18 songs with surprising influences including Brazilian MPB, Wally Badarou, Italian progressive rock effluves, video game music and the weirdo pop of Ariel Pink and Gary Wilson. Scheduled for release in 2020!

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