Be Svendsen w/ 'Man On The Run' 2020 tour


29/05/2020 - 30/05/2020

Be Svendsen w/ 'Man On The Run' 2020 tour

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Be Svendsen (MAN ON THE RUN TOUR 2020)
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After his highly anticipated 2019 album, ‘Between A Smile And A Tear’ and following a successful world tour, Danish musician Be Svendsen announces dates for a new concert tour named ‘Man On The Run’.

Known for his spell-binding music and with his delicate sense of atmosphere and style, Be Svendsen will create an intimate setting for dynamic and melodic depth.

Performing this storytelling live-set on an open stage, backed by mesmerizing visuals crafted for the tour, Be Svendsen invites the audience to step closer into his universe.

A new single titled ‘Man On The Run’ will be released March 15th and will be the first single from Be Svendsen’s next album scheduled to be released Winter 2021.

Practical Info
σ Chaussée de Louvain 38, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
σ 23.00 - 06.00
σ Door 10€ > Midnight > 12€

σ Bottle Service - Aladdin : +32 465 70 27 07
σ Taxis - Taxi Verts App (promo code - MIRANO2019)
σ LGBT+ Friendly

Praktische Infos