Belgian National Orchestra


08/05/2020 - 08/05/2020

Belgian National Orchestra

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RYTHM & PERCUSSIONIndoafrica, Eurasia and the Americas. Those were the names of the three supercontinents which existed long before people walked on the face of this earth. The composer Avner Dorman has tried to create ‘imaginary snapshots’ of these continents at different points in time. He commences in Eurasia during prehistoric times and takes us on a journey through Indoafrica to the Americas, still connected today as one large land mass. The percussionist Martin Grubinger pulls out all the stops to make this energetic work sound even more dynamic, playing no less than 23 percussion instruments during this concert!Time is also the guiding element in the Symphonic Dances, Rachmaninov’s last work. Lively, energetic rhythms are interspersed with lush harmonies. In his first drafts, he named the three movements “Noon”, “Twilight” and “Midnight”. It is said that Rachmaninov knew that this would be his last work. In the last movement, we hear references to a Dies Irae theme, which he used in previous works, culminating in a dramatic climax (he wrote the word Hallelujah at this point in the score). 

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