Belgian National Orchestra & Orchestre symphonique de la Monnaie


24/01/2021 - 24/01/2021

Belgian National Orchestra & Orchestre symphonique de la Monnaie

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No other composer admired Mozart quite as much as Gustav Mahler: it is said that he repeated Mozart’s name almost obsessively on his deathbed. In this concert, Mahler’s megalomaniacal Symphony No. 6 is preceded by Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 27.Mahler composed his Symphony No. 6 during what was probably the happiest period of his life. Even so, this work, nicknamed ‘Tragic’, is incredibly dark. Many people including his wife, Alma Mahler, attributed prophetic qualities to it, on both personal and historical levels. The death of Mahler’s oldest daughter, his dismissal as a conductor at the Wiener Hofoper, the concerning diagnosis of endocarditis, as well as the First World War - all of which were looming - are indeed tragic events that suit the dark character of Symphony No. 6. The fourth and last movement, in which a giant hammer is used to generate the deadly blows of fate, is especially famous. After No. 8, No. 6 is Mahler’s largest symphonic orchestration: any performance of this piece is guaranteed to contain deeply compelling, unforgettable moments.   

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