Blu Samu


24/10/2018 - 24/10/2018

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The Belgian-Portuguese rapper, composer and performer Blu Samu has quickly won over the public thanks to her intuitive blend of hip-hop and soul. From the rays of Portuguese sun to the cobblestones of Brussels and Antwerp’s tarmacked alleys, Blu Samu has, with just a few songs, created a world that is both unique and fascinating, cementing her place on the Brussels hip-hop scene. Now, she’s preparing for the upcoming release of her first album, after her promising and highly soulful first EP, “Blue”, released in 2015. Blu Samu is undoubtedly the most promising female performer on the Belgian hip-hop scene and, after wowing crowds at the Dour Festival, Les Ardentes and others, it's now the turn of the Festival des Libertés audience to experience her original style.

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