15/08/2019 - 15/08/2019

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Risen from the Hauts-de-Seine in 1996 within the duo Lunatic, Booba brands the French rap from his first appearances. At the controls of his own label Tallac Records, he pulls the prowess, leaves "boneless rappers on the pavement" and already counts his millions.

Celebrated or hated, he has become in a few years the standard to which the French rap now tries to measure itself without ever reaching it. The dirty kid who rapped in the mid-90s that "only crime pays" is now an accomplished business leader, an adulated multi-platinum artist who made a place in the sun by the sheer force of his pen and unwavering will. “Since crime pays, zero defeat!" in 2005, did he write on the hit "Garde la pêche", who will say the opposite?

Never missing the opportunity to celebrate America and its high-end rap, Booba does not forget its past and the vintage rap that made him grow. Armed with choruses carved with a knife, leaning on an ever-rich verb from which he draws striking images between encrypted realism and urban cinema, Booba once again reveals itself virtuoso from the content as from the form.

Longing for peace, he doesn’t fear war, and always maintains a dose of humour, this corner smile that defies competition while celebrating his success.

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