Bruno Major


01/02/2020 - 01/02/2020

Bruno Major

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In 2016, Bruno Major set himself the task of recording and releasing one song a month for 12 months - 4 weeks to take an idea in his head to a finished record for people to listen to, every month, for a year. Within the self-imposed time frame, Major produced fully-realised, beautiful and inventive music and then repeated the trick 12 times over. Having initially worked as a session guitarist, Major moved down from Northampton to London and, inspired by the energy of the city, became obsessed with songwriting. Honing his craft writing for other artists while all the time formulating his own musical style; an impossible to pigeonhole blend of sounds that can draw upon anything from James Blake and D’Angelo to Chet Baker and Nick Drake to create its own, uniquely intoxicating aura.

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