Brussels Biennale - Neoclassic


10/10/2020 - 18/10/2020

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The Neo-Classical style can be found all over Brussels, in grand public buildings and more modest private homes, and in statues, streetscapes and parks and open spaces. They all bear witness to the major changes to the cityscape in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. However, in many cases they have been abandoned, neglected and submerged in later developments, so that many of us no longer pay attention to them and have allowed them to fade into the background.

The Brussels Biennale - Neoclassic (BBN) will aim to promote this often forgotten heritage over two weekends in October, every other year.

At the heart of the festival will be a programme of guided tours of Neo-Classical interiors that are not normally open to the public, offering a unique opportunity to (re)discover some hidden architectural gems of Brussels and to put the Neo-Classical style centre stage.

Other activities will support these guided tours: outdoor walking tours, seminars, events for reduced-mobility participants and school groups, etc.

Two weekends to gain an insight into an aspect of the city we often miss in our daily lives.

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