Bruxelles / Africapitales #3


14/12/2021 - 22/12/2021

Bruxelles / Africapitales #3 Bruxelles / Africapitales #3

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Brussels is a hyperdiverse capital, full of talents and creativity. We invite you to meet some of these talents who embrace the cultures of several continents. Come to Bruxelles-Africapitales and celebrate together this “we” that gives Brussels its identity and its future.

And what is exactly this "we" that makes Brussels? And more broadly, how do we “make world” together? For the third consecutive year, we entrust a large part of the programming and coordination of Brussels-Africapitales to our Afroxellois accomplices: the actress and comedian Bwanga Pilipili; Chrystelle Pandanzyla, creator of multiple events and Audrey Marion, designer of the Bruxelles Africapitales visual. With them and their guests, we will explore these questions through debates, dialogues, artistic events, and your participation.

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