CENTRALE Cinéma - Helena Almeida


16/01/2019 - 16/01/2019

CENTRALE Cinéma - Helena Almeida

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Helena Almeida – Pintura habitada- A film by Joana Ascensao (2006 – 52’- POR sub. FR)
7 € projection + expo ; 5 € projection ; 3 € students

Considered as one of the major figures of contemporary art, Helena Almeida became a figurehead of performance and conceptual art in the seventies. Her work focuses on the importance of the body. A conflicting subject for political and personal expression, the human body confronts the surrounding world to better manipulate it. The film takes place in the studio of the artist in a place where her partially obscured or fragmented body becomes the stake of the creative process of the artist and the filmmaker.
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