06/11/2018 - 07/11/2018

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In Coloured Swans, dancer, performer and choreographer Moya Michael questions how layers of imposed identities change how an artist moves, speaks, sings and what specific spaces their bodies visualise or capture. Dance and performance are intertwined with singing, video and speech. 

Classified as a “coloured” person in Apartheid South Africa, Moya invites artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to join her in this quest. Together they will share their personal stories in order to confront and intertwine the complexity of their experiences into one overarching creation. Each encounter leads to a solo created for and with the artist as one of the swans of Coloured Swans. You can book them together!

Moya Michael / Tracey Rose 

Together with visual and performance artist Tracey Rose, Moya Michael will explore the common visual images that reflect their ancestries, their histories and where they are today as women of colour and specifically as descendants of the Khoi people. 

“If we use 'external systems' to refer to differences between bodies, then you could say that there are 'internal systems' that refer to individual answers to those external systems. Internal systems evolve over time and are a way to mitigate or strenghten what is inevitably imposed upon us.” – Moya Michael

Moya Michael / David Hernandez 

Coloured Swan 2: Eldorado uses the personal story of an immigrated performer from mixed latino heritage as a springboard to speak about hybridization and in-betweenism. David Hernandez has lived and worked in Belgium for over 25 years. 

“With the performance series Coloured Swans, we delve into identity and multiculturalism in contemporary society. Eldorado, the mythical city of gold, serves as a metaphor for all kinds of quests for the promised land. This performance is a multidisciplinary performance. A hybrid of dance, theatre, music and image, just as mixed as its makers.” – Moya Michael

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