Calligraphies sonores / Festival ARTONOV "Pop Up" France


27/10/2018 - 27/10/2018

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Japanese calligraphy has influenced and continues to influence Western art, from music to painting and many other arts forms. It takes many years of practice to master Japanese calligraphy, and the immediacy of the gesture of writing makes it an art where the creative and performative gesture is very close. Western music and some musical instruments such as the bass clarinet from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, in the Japanese period, seem to be inspired by this art thanks to their design and the immanence of their artistic form. The sound which sometimes seems to have a more crude gesture than that of calligraphy, on the other hand has a preparation and a similar mastery.
If for Paul Klee, the line is a point that has gone for a walk, the walk of a brush in calligraphy could be a sensory journey beyond the boundaries of the image itself.

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