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“The greatest fadista since Amália Rodrigues and Maria da Fé.” (David Bret, British biographer)Fado music! This gem from Portugal that enters your soul before you can say ‘saudade’. You probably already know the Grandes Dames of fado Amália Rodrigues, Cristina Branco and Mariza. Soon Camané will be ingrained in your memory too.It all began when seven-year-old Camané was ill in bed with the flu. Driven by boredom he started to browse through the fado discs of his parents. His life would never be the same again. Camané immediately fell under the fado spell and began to sing himself. At an early age he won an amateur competition and a place in the hearts of many Portuguese. He perfected his velvet voice already so full of passion by performing at every opportunity and was soon one of the leading male fado singers of his generation. In 2005 he won the Amália Rodrigues Prize for best male singer and in 2009 was nominated for the Portuguese Golden Globes. Critics praise his poetic and innovative interpretations that fill concert halls worldwide.It's our treat! Listen to BOZAR’s "World" playlist on Spotify for free and discover BOZAR MUSIC season ’18-’19.

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