Chaises. Stoelen. Chairs


30/09/2020 - 14/02/2021

Chaises. Stoelen. Chairs Chaises. Stoelen. Chairs

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For reasons of utility, need, demand, irony or simply through experimentation and the desire to design it, the chair seems to be an essential step in the journey of many designers.

With the ambition to reconcile functionality, comfort and aesthetics, it continues to adapt to the habits of society and to the evolution of different ways of sitting. As an everyday object par excellence, it is designed to fit our adapted to our needs. Through the use of different materials and textures, the design and concept eventually takes shape in the form of a chair, a bench, a lounge chair, an office chair and even in forms such as a rocking chair, ottoman chair or a folding chair.

From Marcel Breuer's Wassily to Konstantin Grcic's Myto, through Joe Colombo's Tube Chair, the chair is the materialization of the cultural, technical and social background of the era it is designed in.

Created from the collections of the London Design Museum, ADAM - Brussels Design Museum and Galila's Collection (Brussels), the exhibition Chaise. Stoel. Chair: Defining Design retraces the design world of the past 100 years through this object - the chair – that is in constant redefinition, reaffirmation and breaking the borders it finds itself in.

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