Coloured Swan 3: Harriet's Remix


08/05/2020 - 09/05/2020

Coloured Swan 3: Harriet's Remix

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Brussels is a place that welcomes a lot of transients. But it is also a place that has a strong historical tie to the African continent and continues to hold and at times develop those ties whether through diplomatic connections or the artistic. The under belly of these ties can sometimes be unsightly. Through this Coloured Swan, Moya Michael will take a closer look at what is really at the underside of this reality.

It is said in the sub-Saharan African lexicon that we stand on the shoulders of giants. Will those giants help carry us into the future? What if we can’t tap into the greatness of our ancestors to bring us safe and sound into the future? How do we envision and realize an afrofuturistic reality that shifts the paradigms that we have for so long been dominated by?Guided by this, the music and “testifying and signifying” of individuals like Abbey Lincoln, Sun Ra, Alice Walker, Mariam Makeba, Moya and her Coloured Swan(s) will shed lights on the ways our colors defines us, bind us but at the same time can help give us power and can potentially help liberate us.

Expect another lush tapestry of images, sound and movement that will be put together by the same artistic team that helped Moya create her first two stunning and deeply riveting Coloured Swans.

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