Cours d'initiation Salsa


23/01/2019 - 08/02/2022

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We're still accepting people in our classes. Join us!​
-step 1: register here (just 1st time) ->
-step 2: on the class days, we'll ask you to confirm your attendance
-step 3: with your confirmation we save you a spot, keeping a balance between leaders/followers

-Mondays: 19:30 Beginners / 20:30 Improvers
-Tuesdays: 19:30 Improvers / 20:30 Beginners

Fees (cash or payconiq app):
1 session (beginner or improver): 10€
6 sessions: 55€
12 sessions: 100€
1 session (beginner or improver): 8€
6 sessions: 45€
12 sessions: 90€

-Mondays: Room 05
-Tuesdays: Room 15
Rue Brialmont 7, Brussels
Metro/Tram: Botanique

From base to the dancefloor!
When you come for the first time we go over the base & rhythm with you. Then you are included in the group and everybody learns the same new steps for which you just need the base.
Practice makes perfect: just relax and enjoy Salsa!
Our group is very welcoming and looking forward to meet new Salseros/as!

In this level you'll find many more moves, techniques and musicality work so you unleash all your latin potential!
We recommend you are comfortable with the following beginner key steps in order to be able to follow the class in a pleasant way: Cross Body Lead (CBL), Simple right turn - men & women (adiós), Broken left turn men (dos), CBL with inside turn, CBL with outside turn, Outside CBL (NY Walk), Enchufla.

COVID adaptations:
1.COVID Safe Ticket mandatory
2.Cleaning & ventilation reinforcement
3.Water & soap available
4.Max 40 people/class
5.Registration mandatory

More info:
-Whatsapp: +32 493 16 41 10