DORIS UHLICH Ravemachine


22/02/2019 - 23/02/2019

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People with physical handicaps are usually not associated with energy or ecstasy, sooner with implosion than explosion, with standing still in place of making progress. In Ravemachine, the limitations of corporality are turned inside out. Doris Uhlich invited fellow dancer/choreographer Michael Turinsky, who uses an electric wheelchair, to join her in investigating how their different bodies react to energy and ecstasy.

What movements serve as a battery for Michael? How does he need to move in order to recharge his body? What is happening to his body when the batteries are slowly being recharged?

Doris samples and reinforces the sounds of the electric wheelchair and turns them into techno-beats. For his part, Michael transforms that energy into movement. A captivating dialogue ensues between human and machine, ecstasy and formlessness, being charged and being released.

In Ravemachine, two different bodies meet and influence one another, exchange impulses and expand their own respective physical biographies.

‘We shape the dynamics of energy.’  - Michael Turinsky

‘We search for movements loading the body up like a battery. Theatre is all about sharing, transforming and exchanging energies between all elements – performers, audience, machines and sounds.’  - Doris Uhlich

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