De Meisje


12/09/2020 - 13/09/2020

De Meisje

Dieser Inhalt steht nicht auf Deutsch zur Verfügung und wird daher in einer anderen Sprache angezeigt.

In an intense and touching piece, Jaouad Alloul shares how, as a young Muslim, he felt torn. Most of all he wanted to be a girl, he played with his sisters’ dolls and fell in love with boys. Every night he prayed to be cured. But every morning, nothing had changed.

At 20 years old he closed the back door behind him and stepped into a new world, away from home, away from God, and on a journey of discovery to find himself.

Jaouad Alloul is a familiar face at KVS, having appeared in SLOW#04: The Belgican Link and his WIPCOOP monologue Zeemeermin.

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