De l’autre côté de la frontière


14/05/2020 - 06/06/2020

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If there is happiness in crime, Philippe Berthet found it long ago. From the adventures of the Privé d’Hollywood, to the cult series Pin-Up, as well as the collection dedicated to him at Dargaud, Berthet has shown his talent for the moods of American thrillers and his interest in the 1950s.
For De l’autre côté de la frontière (Ed. Dargaud), he joins forces with the scriptwriter Jean-Luc Fromental to deliver a strong, dense narrative, driven by complex and ambivalent characters. Loosely inspired by Georges Simenon’s stay in the Santa Cruz Valley in 1948, this thriller brilliantly reflects the tense and unequal atmosphere that reigned there.
Berthet takes the opportunity to give his pages a kick, playing chiaroscuro like a jazzman plays the sax: with baffling mastery. His sense of framing, his vintage aesthetic, his glamorous creatures and above all, his style divided between elegant curves, clean lines and mysterious black masses offer collectors some first-rate artworks.
A moment of great pleasure for the Champaka Gallery!

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