Dear Winnie,


19/02/2022 - 19/02/2022

Dear Winnie,

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His son, director and KVS face Junior Mthombeni, long had the idea of creating a performance around Winnie Mandela. Now, within the current European climate of disunity that pits people against one another, he found the time ripe to use Winnie Mandela as a source of inspiration on stage. The performance doesn’t only relate to this particular woman who, despite humiliation, abuse and exile, continued her resistance against the apartheid regime with untiring vigour – it also wants to emphasise what we today can learn from her characteristic fighting spirit.
This time we look not through white but coloured lenses. KVS faces Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi and Cesar Janssens, together the trio Jr.c.E.sA.r, set out in search for answers together with nine actresses, singers and performers from the African diaspora. When do you rebel? When do you sacrifice your personality to the greater narrative? Together they turn the white, male, Eurocentric canon on its head. They denounce the lack of representation and criticise the official version of the story.
Winnie is not a blameless woman. She is a black woman who lived in a world of white supremist men. Despite her setbacks and mistakes, she never gave up. And that’s why she is an example for so many people, both black and white. Until today, she lends people the power to fight for more equality. This performance does not want to be a history lesson – it wants to share the power.
After their lauded performances Rumble in da Jungle and Malcolm X, Winnie Mandela is an evident next source of inspiration to Jr.cE.sA.r and KVS. They want Dear Winnie, to sow seeds of hope and inspiration among the audience. Let this inspiring story transport you, thanks to a lively performance full of music.

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