Débat politique 'La Religion dans la cité'


23/02/2019 - 23/02/2019

Débat politique 'La Religion dans la cité' Débat politique 'La Religion dans la cité'

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When the bond between body and religion is present in the public space, politics cannot lag behind. Whether it concerns health, marriage, education or culture, complex questions demand openness, respect and discipline. A number of Brussels politicians will join us to reflect on a few essential, often unspoken, themes.


After obtaining a degree in Economical Sciences and a career of ten years at FOREM, Marie Arena entered politics in 2000. She started at PS, in the cabinet of former minister Michel Daerden. Soon, she became a minister in the Wallonian government herself. Throughout the years, she occupied positions within the federal government and the French community. As an established politician, she currently strives for a social and transparent Europe as member of the European Parliament.


Céline Fremault holds a degree in Law and works as a professor at the Cardijn Institute. Next to that, she is a politician in Brussels, where she started as a council member. Today, she works as Minister of Environment, Energy and Housing. She is also a member of the Parliament of Brussels and head of the cdH women department. Equality between men and women is one of her core values.


Assita Kanko’s story began as a journalist and human rights activist in Burkina Faso. Years later, she entered politics in Brussels and founded the platform Polin, a political incubator meant to encourage women to engage in politics. At the end of last year, she announced her affiliation to N-VA.


As a seasoned activist, Zakia Khattabi defends those without a voice and strives to give them a place in the Brussels society. Her belief that political ecology is the best way to create a community of solidarity brought her to Ecolo, where she acts as co-president since 2015. She holds a seat in the Brussels Parliament as well as the French Community, where she aims to democratise higher education.


After studying History at the University of Ghent, Ans Persoons went on to study Political Sciences in Paris. Today, she works as a socialist politician in Brussels, focusing on the strengths of living together, in which she strongly believes. Through several projects concerning spatial planning, she tries to unite the people of Brussels in order to enrich the city with its diversity.


After a career of 35 years, Antoinette Spaak quit politics in 2010. Since 1974, she has taken office for DéFI in the Council of the French Community, the European Parliament and the City Council of Elsene. Between 1977 and 1982, she acted as president of the then-called FDF, which made her the first ever female party leader in Belgium. In 1983, she was appointed an honorary Minister of State.

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