Digital Metaphors


07/12/2018 - 09/12/2018

Dieser Inhalt steht nicht auf Deutsch zur Verfügung und wird daher in einer anderen Sprache angezeigt.

Social media connects us daily with millions of others but do we really meet? Do formulated hashtags like #Metoo create a community or is it a sham where a sense of belonging is created through useful online strategies? And above all: is our opinion dominated by the battle for followers and likes? In the performance Digital Metaphors choreographers Ine Dubois and Maciej Beczek go to work with this theme. Through contemporary dance as a common language, they seek connection with virtual art, their dancers and their audience.

Ine and Maciej, together form TerazNow Dance Theater Collective, want to connect physical dance theater with Polish Contemporary Dance Technique, in order to promote Polish culture through international collaborations.

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