Double bill: Coloured Swan: KHOISWAN + ELDORADO


15/10/2019 - 16/10/2019

Double bill: Coloured Swan: KHOISWAN + ELDORADO

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In South Africa dancer, performer, choreographer and KVS face Moya Michael was classified as ‘coloured’. In her series Coloured Swans, she questions how our various imposed identities influence our bodies and how we move, speak, sing.
Michael invites artists from various disciplines and backgrounds to join her on her quest and to share their personal stories. Every encounter leads to a solo performance, created for and with the artist. Together the various swans, in all their diversity, make up one overarching, everevolving creation. A hybrid of dance, theatre, music and image – just as mixed as its makers. This autumn the first and second Coloured Swans, KhoiSwan and Eldorado, which were created last season, return to KVS! You can watch them together on one evening as a double bill. In spring, we invite you to the premiere of the third Coloured Swan (Harriet’s reMix).

KHOISWAN / Moya Michael, Tracey Rose

In KhoiSwan Moya Michael and visual artist Tracey Rose explore their shared roots and heritage. They investigate where they stand today, as women of colour and descendants of the Khoi, an indigenous people who lived in the area of South Africa currently known as the province Western Cape. Dance and performance meld with video, singing and text, resulting in a poetic journey.

ELDORADO / Moya Michael, Tracey Rose, David Hernandez

Dancer and choreographer David Hernandez has been living and working in Belgium for over 25 years, and has become a leading voice in the contemporary dance world. Eldorado stems from his personal experiences as a citizen of the United States, of Latino descent, and as an immigrant performer in Europe. His story is the springboard for a wider narrative of hybridisation and ‘in-betweenism’.

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