Ecopolis 2018 - Ecopolis


25/11/2018 - 25/11/2018

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It is not impossible to achieve a transition from a society that respects the limitations of the planet and offers everyone the possibility to develop their talents. But it is not easy. How can we effect a just transition in the current context of increasing polarization and inequality? Can we enhance social justice while also addressing the demands of ecological sustainability?
This is the challenge that Just Transition seeks to address. How can we ensure that everybody in hyper-diverse societies has equal access to a dignified job and affordable and sustainable housing, food, and energy?
With Kate Raworth (author Doughnut Economics), Sharan Burrow (Secretary General International Trade Union), Alberto Allemano (prof. University of Paris and author Lobbying for Change), Laurien Spruyt (BBL), Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele (climate expert, member IPPC), Yasmien Naciri (author We nemen het heft in handen [We take matters into your own hands]), Thomas Leysen (Chairman of KBC Group and Umicore).
 • Ecopolis is the annual meeting for everyone committed to a sustainable future. This fourth edition is again bringing together voices from the academic and artistic world, civil organizations, and business. With input from practitioners, the arts, and academic research, Ecopolis aims to forge connections across these disciplines on the basis of equality and open dialogue.

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