Elenit (New Work 2019)


06/03/2020 - 07/03/2020

Elenit (New Work 2019)

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Laskaridis’ powerful visual creations corrupt, break and magnify everyday objects and turn insignificant items into mighty beings capable of seducing us with their hilarious and heart-breaking evocations.
Laskaridis has masterfully created characters, gods and monsters, humans and machines, instant and eternity. All marching towards the abyss with the smiley face of those who walk in their sleep.

His works are marked by a sense of contained chaos: deep and detailed dives that tap into who we are by staying true to the specifics of a most personal vision. Unconventional and non-linear, they play with the possibilities of what lies all around – breaking, distorting, reforming and fiddling with commonplace materials and the detritus of everyday life to create the unexpected.

The new tragic comedy by Euripides for 2019 looks to further expand this universe. An ensemble piece for three creatures and a machine, it introduces too a chorus of many bodies to create an endlessly-animated backdrop to the action, a scrolling tableau that is also a world of its own.

It will forgo all reason to forge a space without past or future.
A monumental machine interested only in the urgency of the moment.
A place where the things we know we knew are now behind.

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