Et si l'effondrement avait déjà eu lieu ? - Roland Gori


10/03/2022 - 10/03/2022

Et si l'effondrement avait déjà eu lieu ? - Roland Gori

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(What if the collapse is already a fait accompli?)

The beliefs, categories of judgement and ways of thinking about the world and the human being that founded and inspired thermo-industrial societies have collapsed. Our current misfortunes - pandemics, climate crisis, social and psychological crises - attest to our cultural, social and civilizational laxness. Our soil has crumbled, our foundations are collapsing, so how can we think about the future? We must, without delay, invent a new form of utopia made from the fabric of our dreams, thought of less as the project of a better future constantly being kicked into the long grass and more as an original way of inventing an unwritten future.

Roland Gori is a psychoanalyst, honorary professor of psychopathology at Aix-Marseille-University and President of the Appel des Appels Association. He has published about twenty books that testify to an in-depth observation and a striking analysis of the world today.

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