Exposition / Bâd-e Sabâ / Wind of Hope


08/03/2022 - 02/04/2022

Exposition / Bâd-e Sabâ / Wind of Hope

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In 2019, Jean-François Ravagnan traveled through the roads of Iran discovering a country through the lens of his camera – and a collection of poetry by Maryam Kamyab. Guided by her poems, he glimpses Iran with its contradictions, its pains and its hopes. Immobilized by the Covid-19 pandemic, the photographer began to develop the results of this trip and shared them with the poet. A correspondence established itself between them in a singular dialogue where, out of words and images, a portrait emerged of an unnamed Iranian society.

In Persian, Bâd-e Sabâ indicates a gentle and cool springtime North wind bringing prosperity and fulfillment. It evokes a necessary renewal and inspires this project, a hybrid of poetic literature and documentary photography.

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