Fabrice Samyn - 'To Dee with Ellipse'


15/10/2021 - 13/02/2022

Fabrice Samyn - 'To Dee with Ellipse'

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Fabrice Samyn has been invited by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts to create a subtle dialogue with masterpieces from both the Old Masters and the Magritte Museums. His art, not unlike a Trojan horse, is bursting through the collections where it triggers resonance and interference, shaking up our perception of the works.

Fabrice Samyn is as elusive as his work is diverse. Mastering ancestral techniques as well as more modern ones, he expresses himself through painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, writing and performance, pursuing one goal: to “reveal the visible”.

Showing more than 70 works, “To see with ellipse” is the biggest monographic exhibition of Fabrice Samyn (°1981), who lives and works in Brussels.

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