07/04/2020 - 07/04/2020


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What makes parents kill their own children? What reasons, what injuries underlie such a crime? After the international success of Five Easy Pieces, bringing the life of murderer and child molester Marc Dutroux to the stage with children, and La Reprise, about the homophobic murder of Ihsane Jarfi in Liège, Milo Rau completes the Trilogy of Belgian Crimes with a family drama.

Family approaches the most incomprehensible human crime with a real family: actors Ann Miller and Filip Peeters will not only act together as a couple, but for the first time in their career they are on stage with their two daughters Leonce and Louisa (13 and 14 years old). Together they will reconstruct a family crime, following the journey of their own family, questioning the construct of a family from the first date to its darkest abysses.

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