Fase - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas


08/11/2018 - 25/11/2018

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Fase (1982) is the breakthrough production by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and is probably her most frequently performed choreography. Set to four repetitive compositions by the American minimalist Steve Reich, Fase comprises three duets and a solo. Both the music and the dance employ the principle of phase shifting: tiny variations make movements that are initially perfectly synchronous gradually slip and slide, resulting in a complex interplay of continuously shifting forms and patterns. The movements are executed so perfectly that they almost appear mechanical, but they are nevertheless strangely moving. Having always danced Fase herself, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker is passing it on to a new generation of dancers for the first time in the work’s history.
‘The Greatest Step of Them All’ - an interview with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker by Floor Keersmaekers

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