Fennesz - Kali Malone


24/04/2020 - 24/04/2020

Fennesz - Kali Malone

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Christian Fennesz aka Fennesz is a an Austrian composer and guitarist who currently lives in Vienna. With his laptop and guitar, Fennesz is always making unique electronic, ambient and electroacoustic beats.

His solo album "Agora" was made in a small bedroom in his flat because he temporarily had no access to a proper studio workspace. He first struggled with the recording, but rapidly enjoyed the setting. He felt like he was thrown back into his younger self, when he was first experimenting with music in the 90s. Fennesz is truly gifted when it comes to music composition and writing. The Austrian states that "in the end it was inspiring. I used very minimal equipment; I didn't even have the courage to plug in all the gear and instruments which were at my disposal. I just used what was to hand." His commitment for music is truly fascinating, isn't it?

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