Futuro Antico


12/02/2020 - 14/02/2020

Futuro Antico Futuro Antico

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Futuro Antico is a circus performance but also a visual and musical ode. The premises are simple : one the floor and ceiling, nine white and blue squares, a stick, a white balloon, a few balls, a juggler who pushes the limit of his skills and an obsessively calm musician. 

It is ageless like an antique temple and futuristic like a Mars landing. Is he a cosmonaut ? Is he a Greek priest about to perform a sacrifice ? Whether he is wearing a ritual mask or spatial helmet, Martin Palisse has a mysterious and ethereal aura around him. He is juggling without panache, yet he is simply beautiful.

As the piece progresses, his craft become more precise : with an extreme and organic precision, Palisse keeps on juggling. Every time the balls falls into a new crack, a new joint.

Halory Goerger’s writing, that accompanies the piece, becomes a psalm, the ephemeral soundscapes become oceans. We are playing cosmic hopscotch; we play with the infinitely big and the infinitely small. Atoms, stars and their secret pas-de-deux.

They give us the whole universe in nine square meters. How did they even do it ?

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