Geometrie en sereniteit


06/12/2018 - 09/01/2019

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Rosario Sollami and David Lefebure are complementary artists. Together they have already participated in several exhibitions, including Parcours d'artistes and Itinérart on the outskirts of Brussels. Now they are exhibiting their latest work together with Chantal Colinet in Zinnema.

David calls himself a self-taught painter. Currently, he has very good taste for acrylic paint. Rosario's history goes back to the Sicilian countryside, which he left behind in the seventies to move to Anderlecht. There he took classes at the Academy for Visual Arts for six years. He adorns this exhibition with a series of geometric compositions in soft colors, painted with transitions that radiate calm and serenity.
Chantal Colinet paints in acrylics. Starting with a simple line she soon fills the whole canvas with color. Interrogation, enjoyment, enthusiasm and peace are keywords in her oeuvre.

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