Ghalia Benali & Romina Lischka


16/05/2019 - 16/05/2019

Ghalia Benali & Romina Lischka

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“Adhan” is the muezzin’s call to prayer and recollection in the Islamic world. The human voice’s melismas interrupt daily activities, encouraging Muslims to listen, to make time for an instant of spirituality. This art influences the Tunisian singer Ghalia Benali, who likes to blend various musical traditions, much like the Austrian musician Romina Lischka, who is a talented viola da gamba player. She has started learning dhrupad, the oldest genre in Hindustani classical music. The two discovered they shared a passion for Marin Marin and his mysterious teacher, Mr de Sainte-Colombe’s compositions for viola da gamba. These are very versatile and include dances and character pieces. The deep sonority of this instrument and the intimate nature of these compositions also encourage contemplation and meditation. These two highly talented artists invite you to explore this music’s many emotional layers in the unique setting of the Protestant Chapel.  Listen to the playlist "Early Music" on Spotify

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