28/02/2019 - 28/02/2019


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Giant is a revealing dance performance by international performer, choreographer and teacher Alesandra Seutin. Text, video installation (by Laura Nsengiyumva), music and audience participation are moulded into one whole. Seutin uses dance to chillingly describe the Rwandan genocide. Performer FayB’s powerful artistic talent and Alesandra’s attention to nuance make Giant a moving, confusing, and ultimately scathing performance. Her choreography reminds us that this is a story in which each of us, consciously or subconsciously, plays a role, and for which we will pay the price in years to come. 

After the performance Dorrie Wilson, author of Book of Dreams and one of Brussels’ most critical voices, enters into discussion with Alesandra. Dorrie digs for the reason why Alesandra felt compelled to make Giant after a visit to Rwanda, and asks her how it feels to create work as an Afro-European choreographer that goes against the stereotypes that follow and surround ‘African’ creators.

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