Grin (DE) + Des Yeux (BE) + Meander (BE)


24/09/2020 - 24/09/2020

Grin (DE) + Des Yeux (BE) + Meander (BE)

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GRIN (Berlin)

A hallucinogenic trip through massive walls of deep roaring bass thunder, relentless cannonball drum hits and gut-wrenching heaviness.

Grin is a newborn two-piece, nasty behemoth, howling from Berlin, formed by members from EARTH SHIP and The Ocean Collective.

DES YEUX (Brussels)

Des Yeux is a Brussels act formed by ex-members from OMSQ and Sunken.
Their music, based on repetition, piles up doom, noise, krautrock and black metal influences. The universe of "slow trance" that emerges from it invites you to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away, even crushed, by sound projections that evoke both the exuberance of Gnod, the minimalism of Sunn O))) and the darkness of Oranssi Pazuzu.
Their first album was released last year via Navalorama Records.

Meander (Brussels)

Meander was formed in 2017 when three guys from Brussels got together to play loud and cathartic music. Throughout lengthy compositions wherein their voices intertwine, they create an incandescent magma of post-rock, hardcore and progressive metal that is as intense and complex as it is melodic.
Their debut EP was released on March 27th.

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